The Worlds BEST wireless Cooking Thermometer is now available!

How does Worry Free Cooking sound? 

Do you hate having to guess or remember temperatures when you cook your meat? 
Do you hate having to spend good money and then poorly cook the food because its overcooked?

Imagine sitting down to a table that is perfectly set and looks amazing.  Now your guests are important to you and you want your meal to really shine.  How are you going to make sure that the meat is grilled/cooked perfectly?  

Dinner is served and your friends now call you the perfect chef.  They ask you how you did it and only you know the little secret that makes you look like a superstar.  You simply tell them "your just that good".

Why do you need the BEST?
==> Amazing Accuracy – perfect temperature
==> Easy and Fun to Use - Makes a Great Gift
·        ==> Wireless – no need to be tied down to one spot
·        ==> Great for grill or oven and ALL types of meat
·        ==> 99% Client Satisfaction!!

🔥🔥 UPDATE July 1 – Due to high 4th of July demand
very limited quantities are in stock. 
Order NOW to get yours.

**Not Sold In Stores**

Look like a master chef now!

ONLY $29.99
(50% OFF Limited Time)
(Reg Price $59.99)

 We Ship FREE worldwide!
Satisfaction Guaranteed - Nothing to Lose

The Best Branding Iron
What is your brand?  

Wonder if its Well Done or Rare? 
Want to put a name on it?
Maybe something Funny?

Imagine putting your perfectly grilled meat on the table while the guests enjoy the words or their own names branded right into the meat!  

Want to get the conversation started?

Makes a great gift or fun for any holiday or party!!

ONLY $16.99
 We Ship FREE worldwide!   

Get it now!
Shred Like A Pro
Tired of using the wrong tools? 

Want the best Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken?

These BBQ claws are the best.  Picture your hands inside these claws and getting the meat off the grill and then shredded.  You can do that all without touching the meat!  

These are easy, clean, fun, and food safe.  Nothing will shred the meet faster then using a pair of these.

They make a great gift!  Get a set now! 

ONLY $14.99
Free Worldwide Shipping!
I Want This!
Cut Your Coal Heating Time!!!
Hate to wait for the coals to heat up? 
Cut your heating time by at least 50% with this baby!

Your in a rush, you want your coals hot, what are you going to do?  Pull out this gem every time you start the fire.  No harsh chemicals to hurt the taste of the food.  No waiting!  The coals are hot right away.  Just give it the airflow that it wants!!  

This is the BEST thing to happen to lighting a grill.  Get to grilling your food fast but better than that have fun fanning the flames!  Get them to that hot perfect grilling temp quick.

Only $19.99
FREE Shipping Worldwide!! 
(makes a great gift!)
Ship Me One
The Best BPA Free Food Gloves
Handle Hot Foods - up to +445 F

Handle Cold Foods - to - 40 F


Go ahead and grab it!  Hand that hot food easily on the grill or oven.  These will do the job and protect you when you need it.  

Make grilling and cooking a breeze!

Full set of 2 gloves with fingers.  This is no mit here.  You will have full control of your fingers and hand.  Its not awkward its just comfort and safe.  

Yes you do need them.  Yes your friends and family do also. 
One pair will last as the are built for long term use. 

Only 19.99
Free Worldwide Shipping
I Need These

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