Do you LOVE Sushi?
Want to make it easily at home? Want to save money?

Get the tool that is a must have in the home sushi world! This tool is so easy you can add sushi to your menu all the time. Just load the rice, protean and/or vegatiables and the tool will make the perfect roll. Cut and enjoy!

Your friends will be impressed by your sushi rolling skills! Perfect for your lunch, dinner and parties. Dont waste all the money on sushi out when you can quickly make it at home.

Try with fruit and make a dessert Sushi! Fill with stawberries and other sliced fruit and make a yummy dessert!

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Kids love to eat Sushi?
Want to have fun with your sushi rice?

This is a fun mold that your kids will love. Just press the rice with this and create a fun animal shape.

Great way to introduce kids to Sushi!

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Wood Sushi Plate
We all agree that Sushi should be respected by serving it on the right plate!

This solid wood plate is well built. It can be used for serving or for eating directly off of.

Easy to clean and care for. Very professional feel to it.

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Dont eat your sushi wrong anymore!

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